Hi everyone,

I know it’s been ages since I last posted but I’ve been so busy as I’ve just finished doing my mocks for my GCSEs and spent so much time revising.

I got my results back yesterday and I was completely heart broken, I studied for hours and my results were incredibly disappointing. I failed my history test which I spend at least 5 hours studding for! I feel so downhearted and angry with myself for not being able to acceive more. However I was plesed with my results in media and geography I can’t help but be saddend by my c’s and b’s in subjects I thought I had done reasonably well in.

I don’t know wether I may have reached my limit and I truly cannot acceive more. I hope I haven’t as I wish to be a vet which requires top marks and at the moment I seem to be getting far from top marks 😔 I put so much pressure on myself to do well in these mocks and now it all feels pointless. I know that I will have to work incredibly hard to reach my goal, but I think it’s worth a shot

Sorry I’ve been missing for so long! As usual please leave comments and I will be sure to reply to them!

Thank for reading,

The small quiet one X


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