EOS controversy

so a few months ago i decided to give into the hype and purchase a blue sphere of lip balm (EOS) and to begin with i was incredibly happy! The packaging is adorable and they come in so many tastes and colours, i was over the moon with my blueberry acai lip balm. My lips felt lovely and soft, i was in love with the lip balm so decided to purchase the watermelon, passion fruit and strawberry sorbet varieties; i was equally pleased with these as i was with the blueberry acai. However after a few weeks i noticed my lips getting dryer and dryer so i ended up applying more and more EOS seeing as they were the only lip balms i was carrying around and they were littered around my house. I didn’t think it could possibly be the massively hyped, moisturizing lip balm i had been using; that is until my top lip literally went numb. So i googled ‘do EOS really work?’ and i found thousands of negative reviews, i opened a few and found that loads if people had experienced similar things to me after using the lip balm for an extended period of time; turns out there is a component in the lip balm that can cause people to become allergic and the balm ends up having the opposite effect to what its supposed to. After reading several reviews i threw out all of the satan spheres and bought myself a ‘Burt’s bees ultra conditioning lip balm’ and applying it after using the lush ‘Bubblegum’ lip scrub, the lip scrub removes all of the peeling and dry skin that is an outcome of the EOS and the ‘Burt’s bees’ has almost returned my lips back to the state they were in prior to the EOS catastrophe.

I would say to avoid using EOS, however i know plenty of people who have never had an issue with EOS lip balms, so i would recommend using it for a while and if you notice your lips feeling dryer, stop using it immediately. But if you are one of the lucky people who can use EOS without issue, then go ahead and enjoy the large variety of lovely flavors!

Thank you for reading!

The small quiet one X


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