My proudest moment


Day 5 of the 30 day blogging challenge- my proudest moment!

i don’t really know what my all time proudest moment is, so i’m going to write about a few.

My most recent proud moment was actually just yesterday, where i got back my grade for my history coursework, i was expecting to do very badly as i find history really difficult (in my gcse mock i got a D) but i somehow managed to get an A for it! i was over the moon, as i was ready to settle for a C; I really feel like all of the hard work and effort i put into my coursework paid off so well, better than i has expected! When i told both of my parents, they were both very happy as well, as i had come home many times after a coursework lesson saying that it wasn’t going well at all. I’m glad i didn’t give up, because at many points while working on the paper, i was ready to rip it to shreds.

another thing I’m super proud about is I stopped biting my nails! I made myself stop around a year ago and my nails no longer look all gross and  mangled which is nice 🙂 

I can’t think of anything else at the moment 😄

Thanks for reading! 

The small quiet one X


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