Best trip ever!


30 day blogging challenge, day 10 – Best trip ever:

i have had so many great trips, but i think my favorite was going on holiday with my best friend, my brother and his best friend to Spain, we spent two weeks together and we had such a great time! i was worried that two weeks would be too much time to spend with one person, and that it might end up with us falling out, but by the end we were closer than ever, and i think it really consolidated our friendship and we are still inseparable. I have so many great memories from that holiday; it was such a great experience to share with my best friend and we also got to eat lots of delicious ice cream. I’m not sure if many people would be able to spend two weeks with their friend, without getting a bit sick of them; i think it means that i really have found a true friend that i will keep close forever. While we were on holiday we spent loads of time on the beach together and spent time in the pool. We made up dance routines in the water that are still running jokes to this day! We didn’t stay in the most luxurious place, it was a small two bedroom bungalow for five of us, with only one bathroom, let me tell you, that was truly an experience :’). I will always remember the night a giant flying cockroach creature came in our window… our screams were probably heard halfway across the world! We went to an arcade that had a huge hamster wheel type thing that you could get in and run in, we went on that thing so many times, we both ended up falling over and rolling around inside it, it was so funny! There was also they time where she sprayed me with the hose in the front garden, and it turned into a big water fight.

all in all we had the most amazing holiday!

Thanks for reading!

The small quiet one X


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