Corners of the world


Day 22 of the 30 day blogging challenge (doesn’t appear in the image) 5 places i want to visit!

  1. Australia, mainly because of the weather, but also because i would love to see the wildlife and the beaches!
  2. New York, the shopping!
  3. Disney world Florida, I went when i was around 3, but i don’t remember anything, so i would like to go and experience it properly!
  4. South Africa, because it would be so amazing to see the wildlife! and possibly help out at an animal sanctuary; i know there are some sanctuaries that will allow tourists to help with orphaned animals, which sounds like an amazing experience.
  5. Japan, to experience a different culture, i also think it would be a very interesting and fun place to visit!

obviously there are way more places I want to visit, this is just a few!

Thanks for reading!

The small quiet one X


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