Creature of habit


Hello! this is the 14th day of the 30 day blogging challenge, so i am going to be writing about 3 habits of mine.

My first habit is probably the way i get ready in the morning, I cant get dressed until I’ve washed my face and i cant moisturize until i’m dressed in my clothes for the day, i also always apply my moisturizer the same way: right cheek, half of my chin and nose, then the left cheek and the other half of my chin and nose, then i do my forehead, followed by my eyes.

This is a habit that some people get annoyed at me for, i am always bouncing or moving my leg, especially in class, i have found some people find this frustrating as it makes the table move a bit and sometimes i accidentally kick the table leg. I think it probably has something to do with my anxiety and relieving stress; if i cant move my leg i just have to tap my hand on something; however i prefer moving my leg!

This is kind of gross, but i do it all the time and cant stop myself, i think it also stems from anxiety; i always pick and peel the skin on my lips, if i get super nervous i sometimes make my lip bleed by accident, i don’t know if anyone else does this, but i always catch myself doing it; my lips look absolutely disgusting and they are always scabbed. I wish i could stop but most of the time i don’t even realize i’m doing it.

If any of you do these things, please let me know so i feel less weird!

Thanks for reading

The small quiet one X


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