corners of the globe


Day 22 of the 20 day blogging challenge (not shown in image), five places i want to visit:

  1. Australia, mainly because of the weather, but i also want to see the wildlife and the beaches.
  2. New York, I would love to go to New York because one of my internet friends lives near and i am dying to meet her; also the shopping!
  3. South Africa, at some point i would like to go and volunteer at a nature reserve/orphanage; i think it would be such an amazing experience and being up close with the wildlife sounds fantastic.
  4. Los Angeles, i want to visit as i have family that live there, also the weather is great in summer!
  5. Japan, I think it would be a really interesting and fun experience

obviously there are loads of other places i want to visit, this is only a few!

Thanks for reading!

The small quiet one X


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