My wardrobe…


Day 27 of the 30 day blogging challenge, its almost over 😦

I am a pretty big clothes person, so my wardrobe is very full!

My main addiction is t-shirts, specifically striped t-shirts, i love them so much. i have 5 pairs of jeans, 4 from topshop and one from american eagle. I have a massive hoard of pajamas, mostly from primark because they are good quality and cheap. I have a single skirt from newlook. several pairs of shorts from forever 21, topshop and american eagle. My school uniform. several hollister/abrcrombie hoodies a superdry hoodie and 2 knitted cardigans from forever 21. 3 dresses and a romper from forever 21, a romper from urban outfitters, a dress from primark. lots and lots of primark tshirts to wear to the yard. several pairs of jodhpurs and a beautiful pair of Pikeur winter breeches, that i absolutely adore. lots of fluffy winter socks for the yard. some old hoodies also for the stables, a range of sports bras, all from Tk Maxx. My onezies for winter. Some gilly hicks sweat pants and i think that is it!

Thank you for reading!

The small quiet one X


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