An embarrassing moment…


Its day 28 of the 30 day blogging challenge! My most embarrassing moment.

Oh my, oh my…  So many to choose from!

I don’t think i have one massive embarrassing memory… or maybe i do and I’ve repressed it so much that i don’t remember it any more.

  • I was at a horse show with my pony, we were doing a clear round (small jumping competition) and we got over the first 4 jumps, until she got too excited with all of the jumps around, and she started bombing around the arena, instead of being smart and trying to regain control, i shut my eyes and held on to her neck for dear life. Not a smart idea. luckily she didn’t jump any of the jumps and when she did a sharp turn i fell off. Did i mention a group of girls from my old riding school were watching.
  • There was another time, i was at school and me and two of my friends were walking down the corridor and someone had left a grape on the floor, which i hadn’t seen. I trod on the grape, slipped, tried to grab my friend, but failed. Then went crashing into the ground. There was a large group of popular people coming towards us as this even happened.
  • Then another time i fell, i slipped on a patch of mud and fell on my side into a larger muddy puddle; me and my friend had to run to the toilets and try to remove as much of the wet mud that i was absolutely drenched in.
  • OOOOHHH. i just remembered a good one! I think i was in year 8, it was the first time i had ever worn uniform trousers to school, we were in drama and we were using a chair as a prop; these two boys in my group were messing around, i’m not exactly sure how it happened but i managed to fall and land on one of the chair legs, in an almost splits position. My trousers split. I had to change into my PE kit shorts, and lots of people thought i had peed myself.

If i think of anymore, i’ll make another post like this!

Thank you for reading!

The small quiet one X


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