I confess


Day 29! almost the end of the 30 day blogging challenge 😦

A confession…

I am a normal teenage girl. I am nothing special, the fact that i have over 30 followers on this site makes me so happy, and i appreciate every one of you. I cannot fathom why people have followed my blog, because its just the ramblings of an anonymous 15 year old. I don’t know if this counts as a confession, but its the truth, and a lot of people are busy trying to find reasons why they are different or special. I guess I’ve already got to grips with the truth. I am happy with being a normal teenage girl, i like that i don’t stand out, but at the same time, i think how nice it would be for someone to idolize me. I guess in a weird way i both love and hate myself for the way i am.

I don’t know if this post made any sense but…

Thanks for reading!

The small quiet one X


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