I’m always so tired, but there seems to be different types of tired so here I’m going to list the ones I have experienced recently:

  • ‘i went to bed at 3 am and couldn’t regret it more’- I hate this kind of tired because my eyes feel so heavy and i feel like i could collapse any moment, however its not too bad as after a cup of coffee and being awake for a while it usually wears off.
  • ‘i went to bed at 3 am and couldn’t be happier’- the only time i’v experience this is after a concert, even though i’m exhausted, i know its for a good cause!
  • ‘i’v slept for 13 hours but am still tired’- i love my sleep and i don’t function like a normal human unless i get 10 hours of sleep, but even after sleeping that long i still feel tired, but i also feel weird because i know most people would feel fine after that much sleep!
  • ‘i’v had enough sleep, but cannot physically drag myself out of bed’- i get this particularly on cold school mornings where the idea of having to get out of my warm and safe bed to face the horrors of school its just awful.
  • ‘i’m tired of dealing with people and want to return to my bed’- i usually get super exhausted by being in a large group of people for a long time, its not necessarily that they annoy me, i just cannot bear being around other people any longer.
  • ‘all i want to do is lay in bed and cry’- when i was feeling very low i was experiencing this very often, the idea of having to face another day with a fake smile on my face was so overwhelming and i always wanted to cry.
  • ‘tired of pretending to be okay’- like the last one, when i was very low i got so tired of having to pretend, it always left me so drained; even though i was always acting, i also wanted someone to tell me i would be okay and that they were there for me, but i guess my acting was pretty good.
  • ‘heavy tired’- this one is awful because it almost feels as though over night someone placed a lot of rocks inside of me and as the day goes on it gets heavier and heavier, harder and harder to keep going

I know i haven’t covered all of them, feel free to comment any i missed and let me know if you understand me!!

Thanks for reading!

The small quiet one X


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