twenty one pilots ❤️


I felt the urge to write a post but didn’t really know what to write so i decided to do a post about my undying love for twenty one pilots the band.

I only started listening to them recently because a youtuber i’m subscribed to (Bry) did a cover of ‘Lane boy’ and ‘Tear in my heart’; the covers are amazing and i really liked the songs so i decided to search who they are and listen to a few if their other songs. I ended up downloading both ‘blurryface’ and ‘vessel’ and i’m so glad i did.

I love their music so much! i don’t know how to describe it, i just think its all so beautiful and it all has so much meaning and passion behind it.

I’m hoping to go and see them live in February in Portsmouth but i don’t think any of my friends will want to go; to be honest most of them aren’t allowed to go to concerts and the one that is allowed listens to only Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj, so will also probably be uninterested. ARGHHHHH.

once i go back to school on Monday i’m going to have to start trying to convince some friends before tickets sell out!

Thanks for reading!

The small quiet one X


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