just a quick thank you!

hello πŸ™‚

I cant believe i have 55 followers on my blog, that’s crazy! Thank you so much! its so hard to imagine that that many people are even vaguely interested in what i have to say. Thank you so much everyone who has followed, i know 55 may not seem like much to most of you but for me this is such a big deal. I am so happy with my blog at the moment and i’m really enjoying writing and reading other peoples posts as well.

If you want you can ask for my social media handles as i would love to get to know some of you! Please no creepy old men though! People around my age would be lovely (15/16).Β Also i am here for anyone going through a hard time, if any of you want to talk leave me a comment and ill reply as soon as i can. I also have been having trouble with coming up with topics to write about so if you have any suggestions please let me know!

Thank you again for 55 follower!!

Thank you for reading!

The small quiet one X




13 thoughts on “just a quick thank you!

  1. awkwardandagirl says:

    Congrats. I really know the joy of getting past those 50 even though everyone else thinks it is such a small number. I would love to talk (As I am not a creepy old man), but I know giving out your social media handles are difficult, so you can just contact me on mine (if you want to). Just reply and you can get them.
    Really congrats with your number of followers. You just got one more πŸ™‚

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  2. SincerelyReine says:

    Things you can write about are: book reviews, favorite (blank), your thoughts on something that recently went on in the world, or just anything you’re interested in really, because it’s more fun blogging when you write about your hobbies/interests. Heh, hope I somewhat helped 😬

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