a few thoughts

hi 🙂

its been a while, i know; but iv’e been super busy as we’ve been doing GCSE mocks this past week so iv’e been having to do so much revision. Its all over now though and all that’s left is the real thing in spring!

I wasn’t really sure what to write, but i really wanted to post something so…

okay first off: Troye Sivan’s new album ‘Blue neighborhood’ came out last week; it’s amazing, i love it and i highly recommend it.

secondly: iv’e been so up and down recently, i have no idea how to get a grip of my emotions, but i hope i manage soon. The last few days have been a bit of a down, probably because iv’e been so stressed about mocks and i really don’t think i did very well in any of my exams. I really want to sort myself out and i have been seriously thinking about going to my GP and talking about depression and self harm because i want to know if it really is depression or if how iv’e been feeling for the last few years is down to something else; and most of all i want to be able to get better and go back to my old, happy self.  What do you guys think? i really don’t know what i should do, i definitely don’t want to talk to my parents about it and preferably they don’t find out at all.

thirdly: thank you so much everyone who reads this blog, it means so much to me and having over 60 followers is amazing!

Let me know what i should write about, as i often have trouble coming up with topics and the majority of my posts end up being jumbles messes!

Thank you for reading!

The small quiet one X


3 thoughts on “a few thoughts

  1. theambivert123 says:

    Congrats on over sixty followers, that’s amazing!! But of course, you completely deserve it 😊 if you’re having trouble with ideas for posts, just talk about anything that’s bothering you or how you’re day went. Start from there and hopefully it will get easier. You could also try writing a list of ideas? I always carry a notebook around if I get an idea for something. Anyway, great post, and well done for getting through your mocks xxx

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