New Years party outfits

Hi! it’s been a while!

I thought i would put together a small compilation of some  of my favorite outfits that i own, and the type of thing i would wear to a New Years party.

The fist photo is a grey babydoll dress from American Apparel, they no longer do these on the website or in store, but i think you can probably find one on Depop or othet similar apps/websites for reasonable prices. Since it is December, i have on a pair of fleece lined tights, these are super thick and warm; i got them from T.K.Maxx for under £4 and they are really nice quality, these same tights are seen in the other outfits as well. I also paired this with  a pair of ‘Bobby’ Chelsea boots from Topshop, these are seen in the second and fourth photo, i also used these for the other outfits as well; i love these boots as they are really comfortable and easy to walk in, and they also look really good.

The third photo is a pleated tennis skirt from American Apparel, i haven’t included a top in this outfit, as almost anything goes with the skirt since it is black. I love this skirt and despite being pretty expensive, i think it is so versatile that i will get a lot of use out of it.

In the fifth and sixth photo, is a playsuit that i bought from Urban Outfitters, it has a really pretty pattern and i find the fit to be very flattering. Again i used the same fleece lined tights to make the outfit suitable for winter, and the Chelsea boots.

The seventh photo is a more casual outfit, i would moat likely wear this for a get-together with some friends, the shorts are from American Eagle and were pretty reasonable price wise; they are also very versatile and can be used throughout the year, with the right pair of tights. The top is from Topshop, but the shorts go well with lots of different coloured tops.

The parka i have on in the eighth photo is from Hollister, it is super warm and cozy which makes it ideal for this time of year. I chose it in a dark grey colour so that i would be able to match it with lots of different outfits.

I know this definitely isn’t the kind of thing i usually post, but i really enjoy fashion and thought i would give this a shot. I wont be turning my blog into a fashion blog as i enjoy writing my other posts and i find it useful to get my feelings out. But maybe every now and then 🙂 hope that’s okay with you and that you liked this post!

Thank you for reading!

The small quiet one X


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