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Favorite bands/artists

Hi guys!

I thought that today i would do a post about my favorite bands/artists, so here goes…

My all time favorite artist is Ed Sheeran, his songs are incredible and i just love his music so much, i could not possibly chose a favorite song. Iv’e seen him live three times and they were all incredible; his voice is perfection and i love the atmosphere of concerts, where everyone is so excited and passionate and your just surrounded by the perfect lyrics of Ed Sheeran. Iv’e been in love with Ed Sheeran for four years now and i don’t see that changing any time soon. I’m hyped for album 3!

Troye Sivan is probably second, I found him on YouTube because he did a cover of ‘Give me love’ by Ed Sheeran, and he has such a beautiful voice. I subscribed to his YouTube channel and always watched his videos and covers, and then he released ‘Happy little pill’ and i was hooked. I love the new album called ‘Blue Neighborhood’ and my favorite songs are probably ‘Suburbia’ or ‘Ease’. Me and one of my friends have managed to get tickets to see him live in April and i am so excited! It’ll be the first time i go standing in a concert as at the Ed Sheeran concerts iv’e been to i was sitting all three times; i’m both nervous and excited because i think it’ll be more fun, but at the same time i get anxious around large groups of people, and there’s gonna be loads of people at the concert; hopefully i will be able to keep myself distracted, and not have any panic attacks.

In the way of bands, i recently got into ‘Twenty one Pilots’; i really like the album vessel, and my favorite song on that is ‘Lovely’ but i also really like ‘Blurryface’. My longstanding band obsession has to be ‘Pierce the Veil’, I have been listening to them since i was 12, although i haven’t been listening to them much recently as the last album was released in 2012 and i don’t want to over listen the songs to the point that i get sick of them. I’m desperate for them to release a new album, but there doesn’t seem to be anything happening sadly; although a single was released a while ago which was good!

I also listen to ‘All Time Low’ and some ‘Fall Out Boy’ but i’m not as super-fan. I also really like Melanie Martinez’ music, and the album ‘Crybaby’ is really good. Also Jasmine Thompson has the most beautiful voice and writes really lovely songs; i found her through YouTube as well as she does covers, as well as writing her own songs. Obviously there are other bands and artists that i listen to, along with the guilty pleasure pop songs that sometimes make there way onto my phone.

Thank you for reading!

The small quiet one X


24 thoughts on “Favorite bands/artists

  1. Chloe Lauren says:

    My mom loves Ed Sheeran just as I do, but she is a super fan haha! When it comes to music, I like to give anyone a go, genre doesn’t particularly bother me. I love Fall Out Boy and All Time Low though πŸ™‚

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  2. parisianpages says:

    I sit with this girl in math class and she always give me suggestions of bands to listen too and all time low was on it . I still yet to check them out and I keep hearing about this troye guy ..maybe i’ll check him out finnally too πŸ˜€

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