School drama

Hey guys 🙂

Recently there’s been a big drama at a school near me, these three boys attacked another boy on his way home, the fight was supposed to be 1 on 1 (I don’t agree with it, but at least it’s more fair). Someone (another kid in my year) filmed the whole ordeal on his phone, and the video got sent around. I only saw the video a few days ago, and I am so shocked and upset by how brutal and cruel these three boys were. 

The video started with the victim (we’ll call him Joe), who was surrounded by quite a few people, most were just watching, (the boys who attacked Joe will be called Emmet, Louis and Bob). And Emmet came from behind Joe and punched him in the back of the head, once Joe was on the floor they continued to kick and punch and just attack him. I can’t believe what these boys did, and I am disgusted that so many people were just standing around and watching this poor boy be beaten senseless. 

The other thing that really annoyed me is that these boys only got 3 days suspension from school, in my opinion they deserve much more! If one of them had kicked even a little bit harder or in the wrong place Joe could have ended up with brain damage or much more serious injuries. Most of the teachers are apparently just trying to pretend nothing has happened, but the rest of the kids in the year are all really unhappy with how this is being delt with and loads of people have been posting on Facebook about it, and there’s even a petition to get the attackers expelled from the school, which has over 2 thousand signatures. 

Thank you for reading!

The small quiet one X


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