I can’t believe iv’e got 100 followers! That’s crazy! Thank you all so much, this means so much to me. I’m really glad you enjoy my posts, and i always love reading your comments, especially when i’m having a bad day, you are all so supportive. I love and appreciate every single one of you! Blogging has really helped me remember why I used to love writing so much; Sadly my mean English teacher kind of ruined it for me, and made me hate the subject with a passion.

I also went to the cinema today to watch Deadpool with some friends, i personally have no idea what it’s about, but cinema popcorn; despite being horrifically expensive; tastes amazing, so i was pretty much just going for the food. So this film is a 15, and me and my friends are all 15+, and my local cinema has never really cared about age restrictions, so none of us ever worry about needing ID. But today, this super annoying and stuck up dude refused to let any of us in, because ‘for all he knows we could be 14 and a half years old’ even my friend who is 5’8 and looks over seventeen couldn’t get in. Now i wasn’t even that excited for the film, but that just really pissed me off, we tried asking if we rung our parents and they agreed, but apparently they needed ‘physical, photo ID’ to let us in. The worst part about this whole kerfuffle is that i’m done growing (a measly 5 foot, two and a half inches) and i’m probably still going to look the same when i’m 16, 17, 18 etc… So i’m going to be stuck carrying a photocopy of my passport everywhere i go for the next few years. What also really annoyed me is that there are some kids in my school in year eight or nine that are taller and look older, and probably wouldn’t have had any problem getting through without ID. ‘looking 15’ is subjective, and just because this grumpy old man though that we didn’t look 15, we had to turn around and go home. I preferred it when there was 16 and 17 year old’s manning the ticket booths, they couldn’t care less how old you are. The amount of times 11 year old me and friends got into 12 rated movies without an adult or ID is hilarious.

Anyway! thank you all again so much for 100 followers!

Thank you for reading!

The small quiet one X


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