A-levels strike again


Valentine’s Day is a pretty strange day to be writing something like this but oh well πŸ˜„ as some of you may remember, a while ago i did a post called ‘A-level terror’ or something like that; I guess this can be considered the sequel πŸ˜‚

This time i’m really just stressed and unsure if iv’e made the right choices; obviously i can still change the subjects i want to do at A-level as its still far off. But i have no longer got any idea what i want to do. I’m pretty solid on Biology, Geography and Spanish and those are all subjects that i enjoy, and find relatively easy. Since for a long time iv’e wanted to peruse veterinary, i would have to take chemistry as my fourth subject, however i do not enjoy chemistry, nor am i particularly good at it, but it is a requirement for vet courses at university. Recently iv’e been switching a lot between wanting to do chemistry or psychology; i did a taster day of psychology at the end of year ten, and it seemed like a really interesting subject, however if i were to take psychology that would mean that i cannot apply for veterinary anymore. I have been questioning whether i still actually want to be a vet anymore, or whether i’m just telling myself i want to because it’s the only plan iv’e ever had. I can’t imagine myself doing anything else, but at the same time, it is very difficult to get  into, and i don’t have the top grades; and even once your in, there aren’t many jobs available, and the pay is low despite that amount of work that you have to put into it. So i have no idea if i should just completely ditch the idea of being a vet, or if it’s worth sticking out two years of chemistry, which will probably be quite a lot of work since its not one of my best subjects; and attempt to get into veterinary, which was my dream for a very long time.

This whole situation is incredibly stressful, and i’m getting more worried as time passes. I’m really lost, and i no longer know in which direction i want my life to go. I’m only 15 for crying out loud, i shouldn’t have to make such big and important decisions so early!

Thank you for reading!

The small quiet one X



8 thoughts on “A-levels strike again

  1. if it helps I currently study A-Level psychology and it’s by far my favourite subject! Obviously it is quite difficult but it’s really interesting too. Also, I wanted to persue medicine as a career so had to also take Chemistry, it was not fun at all and I ended up dropping it at the end of last year and have since changed my whole future plan – I’d wanted to do medicine for years! If I could change anything about my Alevel choices, I wouldn’t take chemistry, I would’ve taken another subject that I found interesting! hope this helps haha πŸ™‚

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  2. Hello, I have just stumbled across your blog. I’m not trying to tell you exactly what to do or anything, but if you really want to be a vet, and still do after thinking about it, then go ahead and take chemistry. My sister took psychology, and apparently it’s really difficult. So either way you’ll have a lot of work to do.
    Good luck with deciding, I’m sure whatever you choose will be the right choice ❀

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  3. LyfWithEm says:

    I WISH I could tell you what to do. Like I wish I could say, drop Chemistry, there are plenty of other opportunities. Or, I wish I could say, take Chemistry because you’ve always wanted to be a vet, so don’t drop that now. But, I CAN’T, AND I’M SORRY. Whatever you choose, will be the best thing. Everything happens for a reason. There’s time for you to improve Chemistry, but there’s also time for you to take Phycology and become interested in another area of work. Whichever you take will open plenty of doors and you’ll be glad you took it. Good luck x


    • Thank you! I think I’ll have to give myself time to figure out what I want to do on my own, it’s just a pretty scary thought as this has such a massive effect on my future and I don’t want to make the wrong decision 😭 thank you again! πŸ’— xx

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  4. fibit says:

    You still have time to get better at chemistry, so I wouldn’t worry about jobs too much if I were you. Tbh, I don’t know what I want to do myself; I want to do geography at A level but I’m not that good at it 😦

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