dress shopping disaster

hi guys!

As i mentioned in one of my last posts, today me and my mum went to London to try to find a dress for my prom at the end of the school year. It wasn’t that much of a disaster, but ya know… dramatic effect and all that.

To begin with, the store we had booked an appointment for emailed this morning and said they would have to cancel as there wasn’t enough staff; i was a bit annoyed, but it’s not a huge deal as we were planning to go to another shop as well. So we went to London anyway and went for a walk around Oxford Street, and got Argentine ice cream, which was absolutely delicious. Then we went to the other store, which isn’t in central London, its about half an hour away to the North. We got there in the end, even though it was pretty hard to find. All of the dresses were all covered in plastic rhinestones and were all super bright colours; which isn’t really my cup of tea. I had seen a couple of nice dresses on the website of the shop we had an appointment for; both shops sold dresses from pretty much the same brands, but i was so disappointed that in the whole store i didn’t find a single dress i even kind of liked. I really want to find a prom dress soon, before exams and revision really kick in, and i was really hoping to find something today.

These are a few that i found online that i really liked:



There wasn’t a photo of the back in white 😀


I would rather get a short dress as i think it would probably look more flattering because of my height. However i really don’t like my legs, so i’m not 100% sure what to do. However i do prefer how the shorter dresses look, in general.

To be honest, the day wasn’t really wasted as i bought a really cute bralette and romper from urban outfitters which was reduced loads, so that was a plus 😀

Thank you for reading!

The small quiet one X


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