Halsey concert!

Last night i went to see Halsey at Brixton and it was honestly incredible. Me and my friend went straight up to London after school to get in line, since he is on o2 we were able to get in the priority line, which only went half way down one side of the venue, where as the general line went the whole way round the venue and more.

While we were in line we met two really lovely girls and we talked to them for the hour and a half that we were waiting, outside, in the freezing cold. Lets say i didn’t choose the warmest of outfits either. At 7 we were allowed into the venue and me and my friend sped walked (since people were being shouted at for running) to the front, we were around four of five rows back from the barrier as the camp badlands people were allowed early entry and had the first two or so rows.  Since my friend had added one of the girls from the line on Instagram they fought their way through the crowd to join us, especially since we were much closer than they would have been.

The support acts were pretty good, but i can’t remember what they were called. I spent most of that time talking with the girls and my friend.

When Halsey came on everyone was screaming and going crazy, it was amazing. She started with Gasoline which i love. The entire concert was brilliant and i’m so happy i was able to go! Halsey it absolutely stunning (and has a great butt btw) and her voice was incredible; i will definitely be getting tickets again next time she comes to the UK.

Since this was my first standing concert i’m pretty proud of myself for not having a freak out (or needing a wee) at any point during the concert, as i’m not usually very good with large amounts of people in confined spaces and i also have the smallest bladder in the world, but i guess i had a pretty good distraction.

I got home at like 12.30 and pretty much went straight to bed. I am currently in a state of post concert depression, i can’t stop thinking about how much fun it was and how much i want to do it all over again. I love concerts so much and its so nice to forget about everything and just be surrounded by music, and other people who appreciate it just as much as you do. Not to mention the fact that the atmosphere is insane.

I cannot explain how worth it the running around the train station, standing in the cold and leg/foot ache was; i had the best night, and i have a few more memories that i will never forget. This has just made me even more excited for the Troye Sivan concert i’m going to in April, and hopefully i’ll be much less nervous for it too.

 Thank you for reading!

The small quiet one X


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