Another concert 


As you may know I recently went to see Halsey live and it was incredible, however after I sunk into awful post concert depression for around 4 days. I have been to several Ed Sheeran concerts in the past which were all wonderful, but I was always sitting, and I didn’t suffer such extreme emotion distress once it was over 😂 even though he is my favourite artist. I think it’s just being in standing which made the concert so much better, the atmosphere was crazy and I felt more part of the whole experience, not to mention how close to the front I was. 

So today me and my friend booked tickets to see Bry live, he is an Irish singer/songwriter and is super talented! Butt crack (my friend coming with me) doesn’t really know who he is, but she listened to a few songs and really liked him, so agreed to come to since tickets were only £15. I’m super excited and I’m so glad to be going in standing once again! I’m also hoping to be at the barrier this time as its during the Easter break so we will be able to get there early and I will probably use o2 priority to avoid the massive line 😄 

I think I’m starting to become a bit of a concert addict, I already have quite the list of artists/bands I want to see next time they tour; including, but not limited to: Halsey, Ed Sheeran, Twenty Øne Pilots, Melanie Martinez, possibly The 1975 and many more 😄 I’m gonna be so broke 😭

I also really want to go to a festival in the summer, my friend is trying to convince me to go to V-Fest with him this summer, I really want to go, but tickets are super expensive and I have a feeling he would probably spend the whole weekend drunk or high and I’m not sure if I really want to deal with that since I don’t drink or do drugs. But on the other hand Sia, Troye Sivan and Halsey are going to be there, so I am deeply conflicted.

Thank you for reading!

The small quiet one X


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