The other day I was writing my February post, but I was feeling very uninspired to write. I also felt guilty because I should have been revising. Because of this I have decided that I’m going to take a break from blogging until my GCSE’s are over, I’m doing this as I think it’s what’s best for me, I need to revise without distraction, and blogging is a pretty big one. Since I’ve been feeling very uninpired lately I feel like this is also the best place to stop, as I still enjoy it. Having a break will just allow me to find a few more topics I want to write about, and experience some more things, before I continue on with blogging, and hopefull after my GCSE’s are done, I will come back to blogging excited as ever! I also won’t be checking other people’s blogs until post GCSE’s, but once I’m back I’ll try to catch up! 

I may still do a post or two about the concerts I’m going to, and anything particularly exciting that may happen, more for my sake, as its those exciting and fun memories that I want to keep and be able to look back on. But don’t hold me to that, as I really don’t know if I’ll have enough time between looking after my horse and revision.

I hope you all understand why i need to do this. And I can’t wait to return to the blogging world come end of June/ early July!

Thank you for reading!

The small quiet one X


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