Still on a break

Hi guys!

Long time no… Blog?

I am still on a break and I will be until the end of July when my GCSE’s finally end. My first exam is on the 3rd of May which is scarily soon. It’s currently Sunday at 11pm, also known as the last day of my Easter holiday, and boy am I dreading going back to school tomorrow. I have been revising during this break, but I’ve also been enjoying myself with my friends and I’ve been able to relax quite a bit despite the looming exams.

I went to see a singer called Bry the other day with my friend, for those of you that don’t know, he is an Irish singer who also does YouTube videos with his wife, they both seem like lovely and very genuine people, and Bry sings incredibly well, so I highly recommend you guys check him out. The concert was so much fun, it was held at the o2 academy Islington in London, it was a pretty small venue and me and my friend were basically front and centre which made it even better. As I have said before about the Halsey concert, the atmosphere at concerts or gigs is absolutely amazing and left me yet again with ‘post concert depression’. 

I also celebrated my 16th birthday a few days ago, I spent it in the best way possible; with butt-crack aka my closest friend, Chinese food, scary movies and a massive bar or Oreo chocolate. My parent were kind and generous enough to give me an iPad for my birthday, which is what I am currently writing this post on, hopefully this will make blogging easier in the future as this is far more convenient than my tiny phone screen. 

I may also do another post in about two weeks about the Troye Sivan concert as I am beyond excited about that, I have loved Troye for the last 3/4 years; or whenever it was he released a cover of Ed Sheeran’s song on his YouTube channel; his new album is absolutely incredible and I can’t recommend it enough. 

I hope you guys are all doing well, I miss you all very much and I am looking foreword to summer when there will be a lot more posts coming your way šŸ˜Š

Thank you for reading! 

The small quiet one X


5 thoughts on “Still on a break

    Well i am going to twenty one pilots soon buT TROYE
    + also good luck for your exams!! That’s great that you’ve been relaxing and not using all your time stressing over it šŸ™‚ Happy belated birthday, and oooh an iPad 8D

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