Troye Sivan 💙

Hi guys!

After my last post I knew I would have to let you all know about the Troye Sivan concert, even though I am still on a break 😂

The concert was incredible and Troye is an angel, he opened with Bite which was really good.

My favourite song on Blue neighbourhood is probably Suburbia or Ease and he sung them both, which made me very happy, but I love all of the songs on the album and I was able to sing along to every song. Youth was the last song on the enchore and he did it so well, I’ll try to add the video, I appologise for the screaming, violent shaking and accidentally getting my fingers in the shot… oh and also filming the ceiling for a while 😂 but it was the last song so I guess it’s fair enough that everyone went crazy.

Troye Sivan video 🙂

I always love going to concerts, I’ve probably mentioned before, but it’s such a great feeling and for those few hours you can just forget about everything and just be happy, recently with exam stress and all that fun stuff I haven’t been feeling great, so the concert was such a relief. Although I think this is probably why I end up feeling extra miserable for a few days after the concert, because there’s such a big contrast between the amount of happiness and joy I felt for that one evening and then you have to come back to reality and go back to feeling ‘meh’, which sucks.

However I am lucky enough to to be going to see Melanie Martinez next month, so whilst in the pits of post-concert-depression, at least I have that to look foreword to. And to be honest you guys will probably get a post about it too because I don’t seem to be able to shut up about concerts (I am very sorry if we don’t have the same music taste, you must find this very boring).

When I first started going to concerts I was always really worried that I would get anxious since it’s such a big crowd and you have to give up basically all personal space; but not once have I felt even the slightest bit anxious, I don’t tknow whether it’s just that being with my friends helps, or if the distraction of someone performing takes my mind off of the fact that there is literally eight different people touching me at once, but whatever it is, I am so glad that I can go to concerts without getting anxious. I also think that this is helping me out in my everyday life, because I think I’m getting better with big crowds of people in general, which I am very happy about.

I know this post is a bit of a mess, but I hope you liked it!

Thank you for reading!

The small quiet one X


6 thoughts on “Troye Sivan 💙

  1. AHHHH SOUNDS SO AWESOME!! Unfortunately I’m not able to go see Troye when he comes around to Australia :((
    AND YESSS MEL I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU GET TO SEE HER TOO YOU ARE REALLY LUCKY (you’re like seeing all my favourite artists ahhh) hope you have a great night at Mel!!!

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