Melanie Martinez and a lil update

Hey guys!

Its been a while!

As I mentioned in my last post, i went to see Melanie Martinez in concert a few weeks ago, me and butt face/hole (i don’t remember what her name is anymore) being the obsessive fans we are, woke up at 5.15 in the morning to get the 6.30 train into London, to be at the venue for around 8am. Please take into consideration that doors didn’t open until 7 pm. We were second in line behind a group of girls who had arrived at 6 in the morning to start lining up. Sadly since i live a bit further away from London its pretty impossible for me to have gotten there any earlier. Me and butt face/hole took the first train that we could. We spent all 9 hours in the line, laughing and eating really, we were pretty well prepared, we took blankets with us to put on the floor and to keep us warm because its England.

So the venue (o2 forum Kentish town) was a bit of a mess, not gonna lie, they were super disorganized and kept telling us that there was no o2 priority line (all you need is an O2 sim card and you and two extras get let in before general admissions, and since my friend is on o2 we were planning to make the best of it). So we chilled at the front of the general line all day. Then… half an hour before doors, an o2 priority line magically appeared, by this time me and butt face/hole were buddies with the group in front of us, and they asked one of the venue staff why people were being put into a priority line now, when there was hundreds of priority people who had been told there wasn’t a priority line and were sent to line up in general. The guy told us that the priority line was for people who were arriving at the time (half a fucking hour before doors), we were all super frustrated because why on earth should people arriving half an hour before doors be allowed in before people who had been waiting since 6 in the morning! The staff at the venue were very rude and unhelpful and refused to help us and explain what was happening because we were being ‘mouthy’, personally i wasn’t really saying anything, i was just trying not to cry out of pure frustration; and i didn’t think the Β girls were being rude at all; we just wanted to understand the situation and why it was happening.

Anyway… all that kerfuffle aside, we were finally let in, luckily at the same time as priority, not after, and me and butt hole/face were in the second row behind the barrier. Sadly the girls behind us were determined to get to the front and started kicking me and my friend in the back of the leg, i also clearly heard one of them say ‘if we annoy them enough they will get out of our way’, when water was being passed along just before Melanie came out, one of the girls tipped one of the cups of water down my back, and later on did the same down the back of my leg. Luckily me and butt face/hole managed to move/be shoved away from them.

When Melanie came out everyone went mental including myself and butt face/hole. during the first few songs everyone was pushing and shoving so me and butt face/hole ended up a few rows further back, but it was a bit more chilled and enjoyable from further back so it wasn’t really a bad thing. Melanie was incredible and her staging was really cool and me and butt face/hole had an amazing time.

When we were leaving i overheard a lady who had been in the balcony sitting say that she had seen three people be pulled out of the audience because they were being crushed. It was definitely the most intense concert I’ve been to, which i didn’t really expect. But i still have a great time regardless, i just hope the people who got pulled out are okay.

I’m also super excited because i got tickets to Saturday V-fest, which means I’ll be seeing Troye Sivan and Halsey again, and Sia is also performing which im super excited about! Me and Butt face/hole also got tickets to see Melanie Martinez again in November, and its at a completely different venue, which i am happy about! hopefully we will be able to enjoy the whole concert this time!

In other news, I’ve only got 7 exams left! I cannot wait to be finished with my GCSE’s and enjoy a really fun and long summer.

Basically the moral of this post it: don’t got to o2 forum Kentish town for concerts: the staff are rude and its badly organised. Its the same venue i went to see Troye Sivan at, and that was also poorly organised and the staff were really rude to my friend.

Hopefully I’ll be doing much more blogging over summer, when i have absolutely nothing to revise for πŸ™‚

Thank you for reading!

The small quiet one X

Ps. I will leave the link to some videos I took from Melanie Martinez here:


26 thoughts on “Melanie Martinez and a lil update

  1. AghhhhHHHhhh still jealous you went to see Melanie AND get to see her again!! Hope you can properly enjoy the next one! And oh god those girls sound terrible – I’ve never been at or near the front of the mosh in a concert so I have no idea how bad it can get. But judging by your videos it looks like you still had a good view πŸ™‚
    (also if you remember I told you a few months back that I was going to see twenty one pilots this year well guess what I’m sEEING THEM NEXT YEAR TOO HEHEHEHE I’M REALLY EXCITED)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. DAAAMN those staff members sound awful and those girls too! 😦 But I’m so glad you had a good time! Also AHHH you lucky thing I have 11 exams left. When do you finish your last one?

    Liked by 1 person

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