Update & ‘brexit’ 

Hi guys! 

I haven’t written a post in ages even though I have so much spare time, I have no idea why but I’m sorry!

My summer so far has been pretty mundane to be honest, just losts of horse riding and met up with friends every now and then, but I’m driving to Spain next week with my mum and my brother is flying out a bit later, I’m so excited to be in the sun! I really like Spain and we’re staying in a little villa style place pretty close to the beach, I don’t think it’s a super touristic area which I think will be nice, since last summer we stayed in a big hotel complex. Despite my crippling fear of fish, I hope I actually go in the sea because I like swimming and I like the beach, I basically am just terrified of fish, oh and I’m not a fan of sea weed either. 

I haven’t really made any comment on the whole ‘brexit’ situation (Britain voting to leave the EU), I personally wanted us to stay; in the wake of recent events- literally everyone in power resigning, and the value of the pound plummeting- I really wish ‘remain’ had won. It’s also very frustrating that this is such a final and important decision, especially because the ‘leave’ campaign used a lot of exaggerations and miss truths to encourage the public to vote for leaving the EU. I’m not really sure why people actually voted leave? This whole leaving the EU thing has already sparked a lot of issues between born and bred British people, and those who have immigrated or are refugees, I’ve seen a lot on social media recently of people saying hateful and rude things to people of other races/nationalities. This kind of thing has really upset me, as my mother moved to England from South America, and although that is not part of the EU, seeing so many people with such negative attitudes towards immigrants is really shocking. 

I hope you guys are all well, and expect a longer and better structured post within the next few days.

Thank you for reading!

The small quiet one X


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