30 day blogging challenge

My relationship with my parents


Hello wonderful people!

Its day two of the 30 day blogging challenge:

I think i get along pretty well with both of my parents. We obviously argue every now and then, but most of the time its very minor, and mainly because I’m being stubborn.

My mum is really lovely and caring, she’s been unbelievably helpful and supportive of my horse riding, and spends so much of her own time helping me out with stable duties. I really appreciate everything she does for me, even though I’m not very good at showing how great full i am. My dad and i always joke around and have ‘mad banter’ as he puts it. He’s not as interested in the horse, but he is also supportive and acts as a taxi service to get me to and from the yard. My parents also respect my privacy which is really nice and they also seem to trust me quite a lot, and give me quite a bit of independence. I think this has improved our relationship quite a lot, because i used to get frustrated when my parents sheltered and babied me.

I think the main issue in my relationship with my parents is the fact that i don’t express how I’m feeling, i love both of my parents so so so much, but i don’t tell them, i guess I’m just very bad at talking about my feelings. Because of this i sometimes end up getting frustrated because my parents don’t realise when I’m down, because i constantly act as though I’m doing great. For example during my GCSE’s i was crumbling under the pressure that i had put on myself, and because i refused to tell my parents or ask them for support, i ended up getting really moody with them because i felt like they were being uncaring, but deep down i know it’s because i refuse to let them in.

Me and my parents also don’t see eye to eye on issues about sexuality and LGBTQ+ related topics, my friend Fred is gay, and I’m obviously completely fine with it, love is love and i don’t see why some people have an issue with it. My parents, when they found out Fred was gay, made comments to me about him doing it for attention or how it was just a phase. I know these are the kinds of things a lot of older people say; but i couldn’t possibly disagree anymore with their views. This put some strain on my relationship with my parents, because whenever i mentioned Fred, one of them would make a rude comment, and i would much rather my parents not be rude about my friends, especially to my face, when they haven’t even spent any time getting to know him.

Despite our differences, i still love my parents more than anything, i just need to work on showing it, and maybe trying to be a little bit less argumentative. I also would really like to open up a bit more to my parents, as i think iv’e closed myself off, which probably made things far worse when i was dealing with the depths of depression, and i think if i were to get bad again, having better communication with my parents would probably help me get better quicker.

Thank you for reading!

The small quiet one X



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