30 day blogging challenge

Letter to an Ex



Day 6 of the 30 day blogging challenge is a letter to an Ex.

Since my last ‘boyfriend’ was in year 8 (12/13 years old) and lasted all of 1 week, i don’t really have much to say. I will tell you guys though that i technically never said yes, in very 12 year old fashion, my friend (Nia – Fake name as usual) asked me out on his behalf (he will now be referred to as Bob), however because the bell had already gone to get to last lesson, and 12 year old me was terrified of being late, i just scurried off to art without answering. I only found out we were ‘dating’ when another one of my friends texted me ‘OMG YOUR GOING OUT WITH BOB??’, and i decided i may as well just go along with it, since i did have a crush on Bob at the time.

As you may have gathered by the name of this blog, i am a shy person. Not really with people i know really well and am comfortable around such as Butt Crack, but with most other people I’m a mess. And add this to the hereditary 12 year old awkwardness and the whole ‘I’ve never had a boyfriend before’ panic, in addition to the entire year constantly asking if i was dating Bob every two freaking minutes; I definitely became 100 times shyer in that week. This lead to me speaking to Bob all of about 4 times.

Again in true 12 year old style, i was dumped by Bob through one of his friends, because of me being too shy.

So here’s the letter i guess lmao:

Hey Bob,

Remember that time we went out in year 8, yeah… Sorry i didn’t talk to you. I promise i did like you at the time, i just had a really hard time talking to you because it brought a lot of extra attention to me, because for some reason in year 8 dating is a very big deal. 12 year old me couldn’t deal with the extra attention; now that we’re older and you know about the social anxiety malarkey it probably makes much more sense to you, why i hardly spoke to you. Because before we started ‘dating’ we were really good friends and we spoke all the time, and it didn’t make me scared because no one thought anything about it, but once we were ‘official’ other kids in our year took a big  interest in it. I’m glad you know why i was so quiet, because i never wanted you to think that i didn’t like you.

I’m really glad we are still friends, and i am really happy you aren’t moving to a different sixth form. If I’m being completely honest, there is a small part of me that still has feelings for you, but that may just be because you were the first male to ever show any interest in me, or because you are just a really nice and genuine guy…  who knows.

But anyway, thank you for liking me enough to ask Nia to ask me out, it gave my confidence a bit of a boost, which it probably needed; just not enough to get over the anxiety.

See you in September!

There you have it guys, a letter to the only Ex i have.

Thank you for reading!

The small quiet one X



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