30 day blogging challenge

Talents i wish i had


Hey! It’s day 7 of the 30 day blogging challenge: talents i wish i had.

I would really like to be able to sing well, mainly because i really enjoy singing the problem is that my voice is awful. Because of my shocking singing voice i refuse to take part in the Christmas karaoke at my grans house, its so much fun to watch, i just thing it would be even better to actually do it, along the same lines, i would really like to play those karaoke games on like Play Station or whatever with my friends. And mainly just to be able to sing really fucking loudly in the car and around my house, without the fear of making their ears bleed.

I also wish i could draw, all of my friends are super talented at art and it would be nice to be able to join in with that, i personally cant draw for shit, i am awful at drawing, painting, i can’t even trace god damn it. I’m not super desperate, but even just being mediocre would be nice!

It would also be nice to be talented at doing my nails, because as lovely as my left hand looks, my right hand always looks like a nail polish bomb has exploded. And i can never be bothered/brave enough to get them done professionally, this also costs me money so i cant be bothered. I guess just being ambidextrous would be cool.

Maybe being able to the wave with my eyebrows? is that a talent? Because Butt Crack can do it and it is crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Sorry if this post makes no sense, I’m writing it at almost midnight and I’m gonna schedule it.

Thank you for reading!

The small quiet one X


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