30 day blogging challenge

Hardest thing to forgive


Hello lovely reader! It’s the 8th day of the 30 day blogging challenge, which is a post about the hardest thing iv’e had to forgive.

Luckily i haven’t really had to forgive many people, as i don’t think iv’e ever been in a really bad fight with anyone, and no one has done anything truly awful to me. However a few years ago, a girl in my year (Nia) who i had been really good friends with, but had fallen out with over probably something minor, told one of my really close friends (Millie) that i was self harming. Millie then confronted me about it because she had no idea, and i got really upset with Millie as it wasn’t for her to tell other people.

At first i though that Nia had told Millie out of spite since we were in an argument, but i wasn’t sure, as it just seemed very out of character for Nia, she then explained that she had no idea that Millie didn’t know, and she had assumed that Millie did know because we were so close and told each other everything. Nia also explained that she was also getting worried about me because i had seemed very distant in school. In hindsight i can understand why she told Millie, it was just hard for me to have such personal stuff revealed without my permission and without me being ready for others to know.

In the end i think it worked out for the best anyway, Millie was really supportive during the worst days, and me and Nia were able to work out our differences and go back to being good friends.

Thank you for reading!

The small quiet one X




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