30 day blogging challenge

10 pet peeves


Hey guys, its the 9th day of the 30 day blogging challenge, which is a post about 10 of my pet peeves.

  1.  People chewing with their mouths open, this just really grosses me out and the sounds makes me feel sick.
  2. When someone tries to talk to me while i obviously have headphones on, this irritates me because i miss half of what they’re saying, and then i also have to quickly pause my music and rip my headphones out of my ears to try to catch the end of what they are saying.
  3. When my mum or dad shout my name from downstairs, and when i shout back asking what they need all i get is silence, and i have to drag my lazy ass down the stair to see what they wanted.
  4. People who walk super slowly/suddenly stop on a crowded pavement.
  5. Offering advice or a solution to someone, and they pick holes in it and tell you all the reasons it wont work.
  6. People who sag their jeans so you can see all their underwear and half their ass crack.
  7. Screaming children or babies, and the parents just stand by and don’t do anything.
  8. Dog poo left on the pavement.
  9. Cigarette smoke.
  10. People who drop litter, especially when there is a bin near by.

Thank you for reading!

The small quiet one X



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