30 day blogging challenge

My siblings



It’s the 11th day of the 30 day blogging challenge, a post about my siblings.

I have a brother who is two and a bit years older, when i was only a few years old apparently he really liked me, my parents say he used to feed me my bottle and stuff. However when he started primary school he changed his mind, he really hated me and would try to hurt me, obviously my parents didn’t let him; this carried on for a few years and he used to try to strangle me while i was sleeping or drown me if we went swimming. Not long after all of this though, we found out that my brother has anger management issues, so it makes sense i guess since i couldn’t really stand up for myself, i was an easy target.

All of this kind of ruined our relationship, once we were both older and he was on medication, we still argued all the time and there was a lot of name calling; but he stopped the violence which was nice.

I think now that he has moved out, and we aren’t constantly around each other arguing, out relationship is starting to improve, and i’m finally getting over all of the stuff that happened when i was younger. We still argue every now and then, but we are also able to have normal conversations and have a laugh sometimes, which is a big relief.

I am glad i have a sibling, i just wish we were able to get along better.

Thank you for reading!

The small quiet one X


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