30 day blogging challenge

My favourite places 


It’s day 15, so I’m officially halfway through the 30 day blogging challenge! 

  • The stables where my horse is kept has become a second home to me, I spend hours there everyday and I enjoy every second of it. Being around horses is my escape and somehow the horses make awful days much better.
  • My bedroom is really cozy and relaxing, and my bed is so comfortable. So obviously it is one of my favourite places. 
  • My great aunts house abroad (I’m not putting the country because anonimity), all of my aunts, uncles and cousins etc… Meet there on Christmas/New year and it’s so much fun; my mum, brother, me and sometimes my dad go to visit every other year at Christmas to visit. 
  • My group of friends self assigned bench at school, we’re always laughing and having fun, it makes school much more bare able and I love them all to pieces. 
  • Spain, it’s so sunny and the beaches are so nice. Being by the sea is so relaxing and I really like sunbathing and ice cream. Me and my family usually go to Spain over summer for a holiday. 
  • My local sainsburys, it provides me and my friends with all the necessary junk food for sleepovers, and I couldn’t be more greatful for its close proximity to my house.

There are a lot of other places that I absolutely love, but I thought I would keep the list shirt for now, and maybe I’ll do a more in depth post another time.

Thank you for reading!

The small quiet one X


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