30 day blogging challenge

My ideal future 

Hi guys! 

It’s the 16th day of the 30 day blogging challenge, so here is a post about my ideal future.

Since horse riding is such a big part of my life, I would love to live in a house where I can have horses in my garden. I’ve always dreamt about being able to go out first thing in the morning in my pajamas and give the horses a cuddle and feed them. I also hope i still have my current pony, even though she’s already retired it would be nice to have her as company for other horses. I would love to be a professional eventer, that way my hobbies is also my job, showjumping has always been a dream of mine and I also love doing cross country and dressage. I generally just want a lot of pets, I’ve always wanted a Siberian husky and a long haired Labrador, and I would also like to have a cat or two. 

Obviously it would  like to be happily married etc… For now I’m not sure how I feel about children, part of my thinks it would be amazing, and the other half is scared of the commitment and the pain of childbirth. If I do end up having children i would probably have two, and hopefully I’ll be a good mother. 

I also am still not sure whether I would like to live in England because the weather is crap and I hate the cold, so maybe Spain? Somewhere near the beach maybe. I’m not really bothered about the exact house, obviously something with stables and land is going to be expensive but maybe if the house is smaller, the price may even out. 

I hope that I’m still in contact with some of my current friends, especially Butt Crack; I can’t imagine my life without her. But I also hope that I’m not so shy anymore so that I can make new friends and do things I’ve been scared to do for years. I want to be happy, truly happy. Completely better, no more self harming, no more hating myself. I think that’s my biggest goal.

Thank you for reading!

The small quiet one X


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