30 day blogging challenge

Dream date


It’s day 24 of the 30 day blogging challenge so this post is about my dream date. 

First things first, it would have to be with someone that I actually have feelings for and who is nice and genuine.

I don’t want anything super extravagant or expensive, maybe a trip to Brighton and a picnic on the beach. That would be amazing, I love being by the sea and Brighton in itself is a really lovely place. The pier is really fun and is so pretty, especially in the evening; the lanes in Brighton are also amazing to wander around and explore. 

Otherwise just going out to explore a woods near where I live, despite how much I love being in my bed watching Netflix, I am quite an out doorsy person. The forest near me has really pretty streams and small waterfalls which are really relaxing and I find it so fun to go off the path and find other streams and stuff. 

If I’m being slightly optimistic… An Ed Sheeran/Halsey/Troye Sivan/TøP/Melanie Mertinex etc… concert would be incredible, however that involves outrageous ticket fees, plus traveling too and from the venu. But concerts are my happy place. Although it would probably be a bit of a flop unless mystery male also liked the band/artist. 

Thank you for reading!

The small quiet one X


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