30 day blogging challenge

Favourite bands/artists 


It’s day 26 of the 39 day blogging challenge, this post is going to be about my favourite band and artists.

As mentioned in many posts, my all time favourite artist is Ed Sheeran; this has been a long standing obsession for over 3 years now. His songs are all so amazing and he has a beautiful voice. I have been to 3 Ed Sheeran concert so far, and I plan to go to many more.

Troye Sivan is also incredible and I have also been a big fan of his for around 3 years. I found him on YouTube when he did a cover of an Ed Sheeran song. It’s been amazing to see how far he’s come in only a few years, and I almost burst from joy and pride when I went to see him live a few months ago. 

Halsey is a recent obsession, I only started listening to her in January this year because so many people had been telling me to listen to her. Obviously I fell in love instantly and I’ve had badlands on repeat since. I was also incredibly lucky to see her in concert in Febuary, she was fantastic.

Twenty Øne Pilots are also up there for me, i think their songs and style is so original and I really like them. I am dying to see them live but sadly I don’t have any friends that live near me that share my love for TøP. 

Melanie Martinez is amazing, her style is also really original and she has an amazing voice. Crybaby is such a good album and I’ve been in love with her since Dollhouse came out really. I have been to see her in concert and she was incredible, and I’m so excited to be seeing her live again in November! 

Pierce the veil was at one point almost an unhealthy obsession, I listened to them a lot when I was dealing with depression and self harm, I found their music to be really helpful and it gave me a feeling of being less alone in my situation. I still listen to them now, and I really like their new album ‘Missadventures’… it was worth the four year wait. 

Alessia Cara has become a fave very very recently, I only downloaded her album ‘Know-it-all’ two weeks ago, to listen to on the drive to Spain. She has an amazing voice and her song are really good! There are a few songs on the album that I’m not so keen on, but the majority are soooooooo good! 

Chvrches is another band I have recently started listening to, their latest album ‘every open eye’ is amazing, and so is their previous ‘the bones of what you believe’. I’m really glad I listened to them.

Lastly… The 1975… I have a bit of a love hate relationship with The 1975, I like most of their music, but I feel like they are quite pretentious and refuse to accept that they are in fact a pop band. There is nothing wrong with pop music, and I feel like they sometimes belittle pop music. (This is just my opinion, please don’t get mad at me) 

There are obviously other artists that I listen to such as Bry, Fall out Boy, Sleeping with Sirens etc… But I didn’t want to make this super long. This list is mainly what I have been listening to recently.

Thank you for reading!

The small quiet one X


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