Post 30 day blogging challenge


So this is my first blog post since finishing the 30 day blogging challenge, some of you may have noticed that towards the end of the 30 days i started running out of steam and my posts became much shorter. Since I’m on holiday at the moment it’s been a bit more difficult to have time to blog and write all my posts in the same depth that i would like to. This holiday has also been a bit difficult for me (i will explain in a separate post), so between being pushed on time and the other things going on, blogging did kind of get put on the back burner; and a lot of the posts were written late at night. I’m definitely not as happy with the posts i made for the challenge this time, but that i just down to my shoddy scheduling more than anything.

I probably will still do another blogging challenge at some point, but i will make sure I’m going to be able to dedicate myself to it properly, rather than having to do a rather half arsed job, like i did this time. I hope you still enjoyed the posts, i still enjoyed writing them, i just wish i had been able to dedicate more time to them.

As a general update,  all is pretty well. Spain is absolutely lovely and i am really enjoying the sun. Although since we have been here for almost 3 weeks now, i am ready to go home; i cant wait to see Belle and meet up with Butt Crack; I’m also beyond excited for V-fest, which is like a week after i get home. My mum and i start the drive home in 6 days, it should take 2 days of driving and a 3 hour ferry ride, and then I’ll be back in rainy England.

Thank you for reading!

The small quiet one X


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