Spain and sibling troubles

Hello wonderful people!

*rant warning*

As i mentioned in my last post, i am currently on holiday with my mum and brother in Spain, my dad couldn’t get time off work so he has had to stay home. This holiday has been so lovely and I’m enjoying it a lot, however i also said that i have been having a bit of  a hard time on this holiday as well.

My brother and i have never gotten on, we have no interests in common and we never see eye to eye. He has ADD and anger management issues among other things, so i know he doesn’t always mean the things he says and does, but recently it’s been pretty sucky. He is so fucking arrogant i cannot deal with it, he tries to manipulate people to get what he wants and sometimes he’s just plain rude and inconsiderate. My brother moved out around 2 years ago now (he’s in an apprenticeship and gets paid), so i only see him at weekends; i haven’t had to spend more than 2/3 days in his presence in a long time, so i guess i have gotten worse at dealing with him and putting up with his rude remarks and demanding ways.

This whole holiday has been my mum driving my brother around for him to do what he wants (eg. sky diving, wind surfing, long boarding) and although he pays for him self, he still has my poor mum stuck in a car driving to drop him off and pick him up, when this is her holiday as well. I feel really sorry for my mum because she is doing everything she can to keep him happy, but my mum likes to lay in, and my brother i waking her up every morning to take him to do some activity or other; and i just don’t think it’s fair on my mum. I want her to enjoy this holiday as well, but with the way my brother is ordering her around, and not even thanking her after, I’m not so sure if she really is. In addition to this, since we are at a flat we do our own washing, cleaning and cooking; my brother has been absolutely no help whatsoever. I’ve been helping out with housework and stuff, but my brother just plays on his phone for ages and waits for food to be cooked and clothes to be washed for him. I’m not sure how he does it,  i would feel awful if people were doing everything for me. And still, after everything my mum does, she still gets no thanks from my brother.

To top this all off, whenever my dad calls to check in on us, he always asks to talk to my brother and they chat for ages about how many jumps my brother has done or whatever, and in the last three weeks, he’s spoken to me twice; and both times he opened with “so how have you been annoying mum now” as if i was the one being difficult. I’m trying my absolute hardest to make this holiday easier for my mum, i haven’t been asking to do any activities, i have been helping out around the house, I’ve been trying to defend my mum when my brother starts getting angry at her over nothing and I’m doing my best to ignore the horrible things my brother says to me, so that this holiday can be somewhat peaceful. I am trying to be the easy child, but sometimes there are comments that really irritate or upset me, and the second i retaliate my mum gets mad at me.

My brother didn’t come home the other night, he stayed at some wave pool thing with some people he met sky diving and he didn’t call my mum until 3 am, and he stayed the night with some random strangers. I don’t know how much more inconsiderate he can be, my mum stayed up waiting for him to call, she had set him a curfew of 1am which i think is very generous. And yet a few weeks ago (back in England) my dad had a fit with me because i had put his socks in my brothers room when i was separating the washing. Yet all my brother got was a vague over-the-phone telling off from my dad which lasted under 10 minutes. My mum still took him to do whatever he wanted the next day, and in under 24 hours all was forgiven. This really annoyed me because i know that if i had done anything like this, my parents would go mental. I know a lot of teenagers feel like they get it harder, but this is fucking ridiculous. Like yes, he may be 2 years older than me, but that certainly doesn’t make it okay for him to go gallivanting off around Spain with strangers all night while on a family holiday .

I hope i don’t come across as a selfish, attention seeking little sister. I’m not trying to make myself sound all high and mighty, i know I’m not always a delight and i know i can be difficult. I just really needed to get all of this off my chest, because i am getting increasingly more frustrated. As i said at the start, this holiday has been great, and i am so great-full for having the opportunities to go away and visit other countries. This whole brother situation certainly hasn’t ruined my time in Spain, but it was just getting a bit too much for me to handle, especially the way it has highlighted the difference in how my parents deal with my brother to me; but i guess i can’t blame them, my brother is impossible to reason with.

We only have 4/5 days left in Spain, before me and my mum start to drive back to England (my brother is flying). I’m not gonna lie, i am ready to go home. I miss Belle (da pony) so so so much, and not to mention the fact that V-fest is only a few days after i get back; But i will miss the sun an awful lot!

Thank you for reading!

The small quiet one X






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