Sixth form!


So i went back to school on Tuesday for my first day of sixth form, it wasn’t too bad since all we did was enroll and confirm our subjects. I waited in the sixth form common room with Butt Crack for an hour and a half, just for our head of sixth form to tell me there was no need for me to wait as she was fine with me doing four subjects at A-level. My school has changed the way A-levels run now, instead of taking 4 subjects for AS and 3 for A2 we are no longer allowed to drop a subject and we sit all our exams at the end of the two years. Because of this, they aren’t too keen on letting people take 4 A-levels as you can’t drop one at the end of the first year. Since i wanted to do 4 (biology, chemistry, geography and Spanish) i had to get it approved, luckily for me i already speak fluent Spanish so I’m technically only doing three and a half A-levels- if that.

On our enrollment day we were given an induction task for each of the subjects that we have chosen to do, we then had Wednesday and Friday off to complete them. On the Thursday we went to an outdoor activity center to do team building activities. In the morning of the Thursday we also found out our form groups for the next two years; I’m pretty happy with my form, although i was really hoping to be with Butt Crack; but i do have Jess who i have been pretty good friends with for a while now, we went to see Ed Sheeran together and are planning on going to the next tour, as well as possibly a music festival next summer. There are also a few other girls and boys that i get along with, luckily there isn’t anyone i have a dislike towards, so it should be a pretty good two years!

To be quite honest the majority of the day was quite boring as my school did the same activity day in year 7 and year 9, so we all knew how to figure out the majority of the puzzles they had set up. The only thing i did actually find really fun was a pole activity, which i have never done before; basically there was a telephone pole height wooden pole with a (very) small wooden platform on top; in groups of four we had to climb the pole and get onto the platform and then hold hands and lean back at the top to balance ourselves as the pole moved a lot. Since I’m the smallest, it was decided i would go last as i would need the least amount of space to get on and stand. Jess went first even though she was really scared, but I’m very proud of her. A girl called Pip went up next, she got super close to the top before she asked to come down as she got really scared, Liv went next and she got to the top really quickly, but since we were only a group of 3 now, one of the boys volunteered to go up before me to be our third person, i have to mention that he has a very ‘rugby player’ type physique so he is very broad and tall. I was the last up, the pole was swaying so much i swear i thought it was going to break, but i made it to the top and with a lot of help from Joe (Rugby player dude) i managed to get onto the platform. We were all grabbing each other for dear life because there was absolutely no room on the platform, we then had to get into a corner each to do the ‘hold hands & lean back’ thing. We sort of managed, before Jess slipped and took Liv with her, because of the sudden movement me and Joe went flying off the other end, because we were all harnessed up and stuff we were all just swinging in the air, this lead to Joe swinging into me as i was being lowered and me accidentally groping his butt to avid getting tangled. Despite being super nervous to begin with, as I’m not really a big fan of heights, it was actually a lot of fun.

We then finished off the day with a classic egg drop competition, which we didn’t do too well in  (R.I.P Eggward), and then the reveal of the winning forms as we had been earning points all day in each of the different activities; my form came 3rd so we were all pretty pleased.

In other news, the song Alarm by Anne-Marie is so good!!!!!!! I’ve never even been cheated on but boy is it a tune. Go listen to it!!!!

Thank you for reading!

The small quiet one X


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