So this post is going to be about my daily skincare routine, mainly because i really wanted to write a post and also i absolutely loveeeeee skincare products.

So i wash my face every morning and evening using the Nivea cream wash in the evening and the refreshing wash in the morning, neither of these are exfoliating washes, which i prefer as its not very good for your skin to exfoliate everyday. I usually exfoliate every 2/3 days using the Body Shop seaweed exfoliating scrub or the Burt’s bees peach and willow tree scrub (this one doesn’t have any micro beads, so its better for the environment! The exfoliant is very small bits of willow bark).

For a moisturizer in the evening i use the Embryolisse lait creme concentrate, its not the cheapest around but its also not super expensive and i feel like a very good moisturizer, it lasts long and iv’e never had any problems with it. In the morning in summer when my skin is slightly more oily i like to use the seaweed oil control creme from the Body Shop and in the colder months where my skin is a bit dryer i use the vitamin E moisturizer, also from the Body Shop. Both of these moisturizers are super light weight and absorb super quickly, i can’t stand my face feeling sticky for very long so i absolutely love these moisturizers, and luckily they aren’t super expensive either.

I also have 2 eye creams that i use in the morning and evening. In the morning i use the vitamin E eye cream from the Body Shop, this is also very fast absorbing like the moisturizer, and i feel like it makes my eyes less puffy in the morning. In the evening i currently use the Lanocreme vitalizing eye cream, i bought it for around £2.50 in T.K Maxx because i was wasn’t sure what would work, i personally think its a nice eye cream, especially for the price and it definitely keeps my eyes looking a lot more human, although i think i may try out a few different eye creams to see what other formulas can do for my skin, before choosing a favorite.

For cleanser and toner, which i have to admit is a step that i often skip on if i’m feeling lazy or tired (which is most days), i use the Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser and instant boost toner, they leave my skin feeling so nice and clean as well as soft and glowy. I absolutely love them and i definitely think they are worth the money, even though they are a bit more on the pricey side. Iv’e also used the Nivea cleanser and toner before, which is less time consuming and i also liked it quite a lot, all in all cleansing and toning just isn’t something i do daily anymore because i usually leave doing skin care until just before i go to sleep and i usually cant be bothered.

As with cleansing and toning, i also don’t use face masks very often, although i wish i did. They are so nice and relaxing and i know my skin would appreciate it! I just don’t really have time anymore, since A-levels have taken over my life.

I recently purchased the Mario Badescu drying lotion for spots, i absolutely adore it! You just put a little bit on spots or where a spot is coming and it makes them go away so much quicker. I don’t usually have super bad skin, but when i do get a spot it works miracles, i found it works really well on hormonal breakouts (girlsssss ya feel me??), my skin does like to go absolutely CRAZY once a month.

I hope this post has been kind of useful! All these are just my personal opinions and what i feel works best for my skin. Let me know if you’ve used or are considering using any of these products, or any of your favourite skin care products as i love trying out new skincare. I know that some people may think that i’m a bit excessive with my skincare, but its something that i really enjoy and i love my skin feeling soft and looking nice.

Thank you for reading!

The small quiet one X


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