30 day blogging challenge

Drugs and alcohol- my opinion


Hello people!

Day four of the 30 day blogging challenge: my opinions on drugs and alcohol.

Personally i don’t drink or do drugs, the last alcoholic think i drank was bucks fizz before prom, and i only had one glass, so it had no effect on me; and i stay as far away from drugs as i can. I do know people in my year, and i even have a few friends who sometimes do drugs. I don’t feel as though it’s my place to tell them weather they should or shouldn’t do drugs, i personally just worry about their health, and although they always claim that they are not reliant on them, its only a matter of time until they are.

My school has tried to discourage people from taking drugs by showing us lots of graphic documentaries about the effects of drug use, and although i know most featured in those documentaries are very extreme cases, i can assure you that it has put me off drugs completely. I also know that my parents would shank me if i came home drunk of high, I have less of an issue with alcohol, as i guess it has become such a normal part of teenage life, i just prefer not to get involved as i have no interested in getting absolutely shit faced, which seems to be the intention when teenagers start drinking.

There are just so many risks involved in drinking and drugs that i wouldn’t want to risk it, i also would hate to see any of my friends in bad situations because they are inhibited in anyway. Maybe its more to do with not wanting to be vulnerable in any way shape or form when surrounded by people i don’t know, because that can lead to horrible and traumatic events.

Thank you for reading!

The small quiet one X