10 facts about me!


30 day blogging challenge- Day 2: 10 facts about me

1- I live in England

2- my favorite colours are light blue or light purple

3- my room is always a mess

4- my passion is horse riding

5- I have a pet dog and two rabbits

6- i have never moved house

7- one day i would like to own a Siberian husky

8- i go to a state school

9- i’ve had basically the same group of friends my whole life

10- my favorite subject is Geography

hope you enjoyed this post, and now you know me a little bit better!

thanks for reading!

The small quiet one X


30 day blogging challenge!

Hello lovely people!

i am going to be embarking on the 30 day blogging challenge, starting today!

Day 1: story behind your username

As you can see my username is ‘The Small Quiet One’ i chose this as i am a very shy person and am often asked by people why i am so quiet and why i never speak, i personally don’t like idea of sounding stupid, and i also just find talking to people i don’t know very well, or am not comfortable around, very very difficult and scary. I used small, as that is what i am, i am very short compared to people at my school, most of my friends are much taller than me, and i have heard every single short person joke a million times! all in good humor though, and me and my friends always laugh about the significant height difference. That’s basically it to be honest, nothing super exciting!

thank you for reading!

The small quiet one X