Revision tips and tricks!


as you may know, i am currently in year 11, that means that this year i will be taking my GCSE’s. I have recently started revising as there is so much i need to cover.

I always find it easier to concentrate if my desk area, and the rest of my room is tidy, so before i start revising i usually tidy up quickly. It makes my mind feel less cluttered and i feel that i revise more efficiently when my room is tidy.

I personally like to revise by making revision notes, if you do this to, i highly recommend using lots of different colours. I like to change colour when the topic changes, this way my notes are slightly more fun to read over and all of the different topics can be easily distinguished










I bought myself a set of Muji gel pens to use when making revision notes, because the colours are really bright and they are really easy to write with.


I also find it really useful to make posters with key information (eg. maths equations, historic dates etc…)  and stick them on my wardrobe, this way i cant help but look at it, and it is easy to look over and remember the information quicker. I also used coloured sharpies to make these posters so that they would be super easy to read and also not boring to look at.


while i was revising for my mocks in December, i didn’t have enough time to revise everything in depth, for R.E (religious education) i recorded myself saying key religious beliefs and attitudes and then listened to the recording while i was going to sleep. I found this really useful and i found that i remembered the quotes that i needed to much easier. I will probably use this technique again with historic dates, or facts i will need for Geography case studies.

revision techniques vary a lot from person to person, i find that listening to music quietly in the background helps me to revise better, however a lot of my friend say that they need it to be silent to study well. I also don’t find it useful to take breaks, personally once i start revising i get into the ‘zone’ and taking breaks just reminds me of all the other things i would rather be doing. But if you are a person who works better with regular breaks, i would recommend making yourself a timetable so after revising for a certain amount of time, you give yourself a short break, and then go back to studying. I also think it is also best to have a bottle of water near by when you are revising, because it is quite easy to forget to drink if you are busy with lots of work. I would also avoid revising late at night as it is less likely for the information to stick in your brain, and you will just feel tired and grumpy the next day.

Basically, find what works for you, and maybe give a few of these techniques a try is your struggling! Revision can be pretty boring, and not many people enjoy it; but it has to be done, and it’ll be worth it.

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A-level terror


I only just became aware that i need to have picked the A-levels i want to do by the end of this month for the sixth-form that is in my school; a lot of people in my year are choosing to go to different sixth-form colleges but i think i’m going to stay at the one that’s part of my school because i live near and i already know my way round.

I guess it hadn’t hit me yet that next year i’m going to be doing A-levels and i hadn’t really given much thought to the subjects i’m going to take. It’s really scary; especially because i don’t really know what job i want to do when i’m older. I’m thinking of doing Biology, Chemistry, Psychology and Geography but i also want to take Spanish because i find it very easy.

Growing up is happening way too fast, i wish i was still in primary school to be honest; it was much less stressful!

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Day 16 of the thirty day blogging challenge is my thoughts on education.

I’v already done a post on this topic, but it is pretty old, so here i go again!

I think education is great, but i feel as though the way it is being carried out now a days; is making it unbearable and unnecessarily stressful. I am taking my GCSE exams this year, these exams decide what subjects you can take for A level, and can also have an impact on getting apprenticeships; many universities will also look at your GCSE’s. We choose our GCSE subjects in year 9, I feel as though this is way too young to make such a big decision that will have such a large impact on your working life. In the year 10 and 11 there is so much the students are expected to do, for example: we have to prepare huge amounts of coursework which will make up a varied percentage of our final GCSE grade (for subjects like history and geography, i believe its 25% but is more for creative subjects like media, art and english), at my school we also do two sets of GCSE mocks, so there’s that to study for; along with the overwhelming amounts of homework; I am constantly stressed.

I recently heard that my year are the last year that are going to be doing coursework, this can be seen as both a bad and good thing. If you get a good grade in your coursework and don’t do so well in your final exam, the coursework grade will help boost your final grade. I personally think removing coursework is a very bad move, as all of the courses will be 100% exam based, this means that if you panic and forget things in your final exam, there is nothing you can do about it. However removing coursework does give more time for students to study for exams, both in class and out. The new GCSE will also not allow students to have an equation sheet in maths or science, this means the students will have to memories all of the equations for their science or maths exam; i think this is terrible as the students are going to be much more stressed going into the exam, which will make them more likely to forget. Remembering what the equation also isn’t a sign of intelligence; however being able to manipulate it is, which is what the exam is really meant to be testing.

Overall i think the education system in the UK is pretty bad and will cause huge amounts of stress and anxiety.

(this is just my opinion, and this is purely based on my experience, i’m not sure how other schools across the UK deal with GCSE’s)

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My proudest moment


Day 5 of the 30 day blogging challenge- my proudest moment!

i don’t really know what my all time proudest moment is, so i’m going to write about a few.

My most recent proud moment was actually just yesterday, where i got back my grade for my history coursework, i was expecting to do very badly as i find history really difficult (in my gcse mock i got a D) but i somehow managed to get an A for it! i was over the moon, as i was ready to settle for a C; I really feel like all of the hard work and effort i put into my coursework paid off so well, better than i has expected! When i told both of my parents, they were both very happy as well, as i had come home many times after a coursework lesson saying that it wasn’t going well at all. I’m glad i didn’t give up, because at many points while working on the paper, i was ready to rip it to shreds.

another thing I’m super proud about is I stopped biting my nails! I made myself stop around a year ago and my nails no longer look all gross and  mangled which is nice 🙂 

I can’t think of anything else at the moment 😄

Thanks for reading! 

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