So this post is going to be about my daily skincare routine, mainly because i really wanted to write a post and also i absolutely loveeeeee skincare products.

So i wash my face every morning and evening using the Nivea cream wash in the evening and the refreshing wash in the morning, neither of these are exfoliating washes, which i prefer as its not very good for your skin to exfoliate everyday. I usually exfoliate every 2/3 days using the Body Shop seaweed exfoliating scrub or the Burt’s bees peach and willow tree scrub (this one doesn’t have any micro beads, so its better for the environment! The exfoliant is very small bits of willow bark).

For a moisturizer in the evening i use the Embryolisse lait creme concentrate, its not the cheapest around but its also not super expensive and i feel like a very good moisturizer, it lasts long and iv’e never had any problems with it. In the morning in summer when my skin is slightly more oily i like to use the seaweed oil control creme from the Body Shop and in the colder months where my skin is a bit dryer i use the vitamin E moisturizer, also from the Body Shop. Both of these moisturizers are super light weight and absorb super quickly, i can’t stand my face feeling sticky for very long so i absolutely love these moisturizers, and luckily they aren’t super expensive either.

I also have 2 eye creams that i use in the morning and evening. In the morning i use the vitamin E eye cream from the Body Shop, this is also very fast absorbing like the moisturizer, and i feel like it makes my eyes less puffy in the morning. In the evening i currently use the Lanocreme vitalizing eye cream, i bought it for around £2.50 in T.K Maxx because i was wasn’t sure what would work, i personally think its a nice eye cream, especially for the price and it definitely keeps my eyes looking a lot more human, although i think i may try out a few different eye creams to see what other formulas can do for my skin, before choosing a favorite.

For cleanser and toner, which i have to admit is a step that i often skip on if i’m feeling lazy or tired (which is most days), i use the Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser and instant boost toner, they leave my skin feeling so nice and clean as well as soft and glowy. I absolutely love them and i definitely think they are worth the money, even though they are a bit more on the pricey side. Iv’e also used the Nivea cleanser and toner before, which is less time consuming and i also liked it quite a lot, all in all cleansing and toning just isn’t something i do daily anymore because i usually leave doing skin care until just before i go to sleep and i usually cant be bothered.

As with cleansing and toning, i also don’t use face masks very often, although i wish i did. They are so nice and relaxing and i know my skin would appreciate it! I just don’t really have time anymore, since A-levels have taken over my life.

I recently purchased the Mario Badescu drying lotion for spots, i absolutely adore it! You just put a little bit on spots or where a spot is coming and it makes them go away so much quicker. I don’t usually have super bad skin, but when i do get a spot it works miracles, i found it works really well on hormonal breakouts (girlsssss ya feel me??), my skin does like to go absolutely CRAZY once a month.

I hope this post has been kind of useful! All these are just my personal opinions and what i feel works best for my skin. Let me know if you’ve used or are considering using any of these products, or any of your favourite skin care products as i love trying out new skincare. I know that some people may think that i’m a bit excessive with my skincare, but its something that i really enjoy and i love my skin feeling soft and looking nice.

Thank you for reading!

The small quiet one X

30 day blogging challenge

Drugs and alcohol- my opinion


Hello people!

Day four of the 30 day blogging challenge: my opinions on drugs and alcohol.

Personally i don’t drink or do drugs, the last alcoholic think i drank was bucks fizz before prom, and i only had one glass, so it had no effect on me; and i stay as far away from drugs as i can. I do know people in my year, and i even have a few friends who sometimes do drugs. I don’t feel as though it’s my place to tell them weather they should or shouldn’t do drugs, i personally just worry about their health, and although they always claim that they are not reliant on them, its only a matter of time until they are.

My school has tried to discourage people from taking drugs by showing us lots of graphic documentaries about the effects of drug use, and although i know most featured in those documentaries are very extreme cases, i can assure you that it has put me off drugs completely. I also know that my parents would shank me if i came home drunk of high, I have less of an issue with alcohol, as i guess it has become such a normal part of teenage life, i just prefer not to get involved as i have no interested in getting absolutely shit faced, which seems to be the intention when teenagers start drinking.

There are just so many risks involved in drinking and drugs that i wouldn’t want to risk it, i also would hate to see any of my friends in bad situations because they are inhibited in anyway. Maybe its more to do with not wanting to be vulnerable in any way shape or form when surrounded by people i don’t know, because that can lead to horrible and traumatic events.

Thank you for reading!

The small quiet one X




Day 16 of the thirty day blogging challenge is my thoughts on education.

I’v already done a post on this topic, but it is pretty old, so here i go again!

I think education is great, but i feel as though the way it is being carried out now a days; is making it unbearable and unnecessarily stressful. I am taking my GCSE exams this year, these exams decide what subjects you can take for A level, and can also have an impact on getting apprenticeships; many universities will also look at your GCSE’s. We choose our GCSE subjects in year 9, I feel as though this is way too young to make such a big decision that will have such a large impact on your working life. In the year 10 and 11 there is so much the students are expected to do, for example: we have to prepare huge amounts of coursework which will make up a varied percentage of our final GCSE grade (for subjects like history and geography, i believe its 25% but is more for creative subjects like media, art and english), at my school we also do two sets of GCSE mocks, so there’s that to study for; along with the overwhelming amounts of homework; I am constantly stressed.

I recently heard that my year are the last year that are going to be doing coursework, this can be seen as both a bad and good thing. If you get a good grade in your coursework and don’t do so well in your final exam, the coursework grade will help boost your final grade. I personally think removing coursework is a very bad move, as all of the courses will be 100% exam based, this means that if you panic and forget things in your final exam, there is nothing you can do about it. However removing coursework does give more time for students to study for exams, both in class and out. The new GCSE will also not allow students to have an equation sheet in maths or science, this means the students will have to memories all of the equations for their science or maths exam; i think this is terrible as the students are going to be much more stressed going into the exam, which will make them more likely to forget. Remembering what the equation also isn’t a sign of intelligence; however being able to manipulate it is, which is what the exam is really meant to be testing.

Overall i think the education system in the UK is pretty bad and will cause huge amounts of stress and anxiety.

(this is just my opinion, and this is purely based on my experience, i’m not sure how other schools across the UK deal with GCSE’s)

Thank you for reading!

The small quiet one X


best books!


12th day of the 30 day blogging challenge, this means a post about my favorite books.

This cant be in any order since i have so many books that i love.

  • ‘All the bright places’ by Jennifer Niven- this is such an amazing book, i couldn’t stop reading it, the book is so emotional with the right balance of humor making it super easy to read.
  • ‘the Maze Runner’ series by James Dashner- its such a gripping series, i read all four books within two weeks and i loved ever page.
  • ‘the drowning of Arthur Braxton’ by Caroline Smailes-i love this book because it deals with quite dark topics with care and it doesn’t make the book at all heavy or hard to read.
  • ‘If you find me’ by Emily Murdoch-i finished this book in one day, and i have re read it many times because i love it so much, it is a pretty emotional book, but i think that’s why i like it so much.
  • ‘The night circus’ by Erin Morgenstern-This is by far the best fantasy book i have ever read, despite it being a lengthy book, i read really quickly; i got super invested in the story and the characters which made reading it even more fun.
  • ‘The perks of being a wallflower’ by Stephen Chbosky-I like this book because its so easy to relate to, its such an uplifting book to read and i found i got really into the story line.

To be honest, this really is only a fraction of my favorite books; but for me almost every book i read becomes my favorite as i find i can’t keep reading a book if i don’t love it or if i can’t become invested in the characters or plot.

Thank you for reading!

The small quiet one X