so as you may know, i went to Vfest on Saturday, Vfest is a big music festival run by Virgin, they have two locations and the acts switch for the second day. I went to Hylands Park in Chelmsford.

Since my Fred and his group were camping for the whole festival, i met up with them and spent the Saturday with them. I only knew Fred but luckily the rest of the group were really nice and friendly.

I got to the arena at about 10:30 and gates opened at 11:00, luckily the line for Saturday only people wasn’t very long, but i did end up getting absolutely  soaked. Once i was in the arena it took me two more hours to find Fred and his friends as they had to go in a massive line to get from the camp site to the arena, so while i was waiting i went for a walk around the area, the venue was amazing! there was a big carnival area with lots of rides and food stalls in the middle and then the different stages where off in different directions.

Once i found Fred and co we went to see Foxes, even though her set was about to begin we somehow got to around the third row from the barricade. She was amazing, and i knew more of the lyrics than i thought! Since she was playing at the MTV stage we staid in the same place to watch Zara Larson who was doing a set right after, she was also really good! The original plan had been to leave to watch Jess Glynne after Zara, but since we were, by this stage, in the second row we decided to stay as Troye Sivan was playing later on, and if we went to see Jess Glynne we would have ended up right at the back for Troye. In between Zara Larson and Troye  Sivan, Rick Astly did a set, despite only knowing one of his songs because its a meme (the dreaded ‘Rick roll’) I still enjoyed myself. Just before Troye Sivan these two kids in front of me and Fred gave us their space at the barrier as they were only waiting to see the person performing after, i was so happy and i am so thankful that they were so kind to let us in front; they must have heard me and Fred freaking out about Troye! Troye was obviously amazing, and being at the barrier was so much fun, I still can’t believe how close i was.

Next we went to see Sia, the crowd was enormous so we ended up pretty far back and since i am so short i could hardly see anything… Thank god for the massive screens! Since Sia keeps her face covered during shows, she had Maddie Zigler dancing on stage along with two other dancers, they all danced beautifully and it worked so well with Sia’s incredible voice. After Sia, Justin Bieber was playing, as he was the main headliner for the festival he had the longest set. Iv’e never really been much of a Bieber fan, about twenty minutes in, two of the girls in the group decided they were going to leave and go back to their tent as the crowd was so big and Justin wasn’t really sounding that great, i decided to go with them as i was so tired and i just wasn’t in the Bieber spirit. It took forever to get out of the crowd, but the girls were really nice and walked with me back to the pick up area.

Overall i had such an amazing time at Vfest and i really  hope to go to other festivals next year. There are rumors of Ed Sheeran headlining Glastonbury next year so… Obviously it was such a shame that Halsey had to cancel her set, but I’m sure she will be coming back to the UK at some point.

Also… i get my GCSE results the day after tomorrow and i am shitting myself.

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As promised, this post is going to be about my prom, which is now less than a week away! I am really happy with my dress, and hopefully i’ll look nice on my prom night!

IMG_0212IMG_0210 (1)IMG_0209IMG_0216IMG_0214

and last but by no means least:


Gotta keep anonymous ya know 😀

In other news, iv’e been considering maybe doing another 30 day blogging challenge over the summer, as i’m going to have a lot of time; i’m just wondering if you guys would want that and since i will probably make it up myself this time, what topics would you want me to do? I did one that i found last year over September/October i think, and i really enjoyed it, although some of the posts were a bit odd… ‘What is in your fridge’.

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It’s finally over

Hey kidz!

Guess who is an extremely happy child… THATS RIGHT LADS MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

So today was my last GCSE exam, and i couldn’t be more pleased about it. I don’t think its really hit me that i’m done, because i keep getting surges of ‘oh my god i should be revising’ and then i remember that there is nothing to revise for, which is a really weird feeling; it’s a feeling i haven’t experience since like last Autumn (because of mocks etc…).

Overall i think my exams went okay, geography went by without any major issues, same with English, RE and most of the science exams. Maths didn’t go very well, and this last physics exam was hell on earth, i could literally feel my mind collapsing. But i have never been so sure i failed anything, more than BOTH of my history papers, i managed to screw them both up mightily.  On out first paper one of the questions was about Hitler taking over Austria, i wrote half my answer about Hitler taking over Czechoslovakia, before realizing. And in the second paper i answered one of the questions about the effects of World War Two, with facts about World War One, and i didn’t even bother to cross it out, i just started a new paragraph and changed topic when i realized; i guess i’m not going to get marks taken away, but i still feel like a bit of an idiot. I don’t know why, but me and history haven’t gotten on well since year 10, i have had every grade between a D to an A, so i have no idea what to expect anymore. All i know is, i’m glad i never have to do it again.

Me and my friend are also going to be burning our exam timetables and old school books this weekend and hopefully roasting some marshmallows over the flames, which i am definitely looking forward to; as well as going to see the new Conjuring movie, which i am very excited about!

When i think about it though, it does make me quite sad, because i am losing a lot of good friends this year, i am never going to be with my little group at our self assigned bench at breaks and lunches again; because everything is changing, and a lot of my good friends are going to different sixth forms, and although we all still live close to one another, we will all inevitably drift apart and eventually lose contact. I am quite lucky though as Butt Crack is staying with me, i don’t know what i would do if she moved! I guess we still have prom and results day, and i have a feeling i’m going to be seeing a lot of them over the summer, so it’s not really the end.

I am so great full for the last 5 years at my secondary school, i met so many amazing people and have so many great memories, even though i’m staying at my school for sixth form, so i still have another two years, but it still feels like the end of an era. No more ugly ass uniform! No more 5 lessons a day! No more canteen ques! (sixth former’s get to skip the line at my school).

My prom is less than a week away now, i don’t really think prom is that much of a big deal, but i do finally have a dress! Which was a matter that was desperately stressing me out. my neighbor has also been kind enough to offer to do my hair and makeup for me, which is incredibly useful because i am inept at that sort of thing. As overrated as i feel it is, i’m sure i’m still going to have a great time, and it’s like the last hurrah for my little posse, which will probably be quite bittersweet. My school seem to have done a pretty good job in organisation and stuff, so hopefully it will all go smoothly!

So now that i have plenty of free time, i will be back to blogging!! I’m super excited and have quite a few posts in mind already :). I am definitely going to try my best to be more dedicated to this whole thanngggg, as well as the Instagram that i have for this blog as i am doing quite a bit this summer, i will try to keep that updated to (@thesmallquietone for those wondering :’) ).

Thank you guys so much for being patient with me during exams, i know my posts were quite spread out and mainly concert related, but i promise i’ll be switching it up! Also, for peeps who wanted to see my prom dress, there will be a post all ’bout that soon!

Thank you for reading!

The small quiet one X