Forgive meeeeee


It been a while! (that seems to be how all my posts start, sorry!) As always, iv’e been busy studying and i simply haven’t had time to write a post. Iv’e missed blogging a lot and iv’e also missed reading everyone’s posts.

Since i last posted quite a bit has happened!

I went to see Melanie Martinez in concert last month, she was absolutely amazing and me and my friends didn’t get almost crushed to death like the last time, which made the whole experience even more brilliant.

Tiz also came to visit me and Butt Crack in London, the day didn’t really go as planned, but we still had an amazing day!

Me and Butt Crack had planned to go to the Lazy Oaf sample sale in the morning (Lazy Oaf is a really cute, independent clothing store in London, their stuff is pretty expensive, so we wanted to hit up the yearly sale) since Tiz wasn’t arriving in London until around 1:30. The sale was taking place a pretty long tube ride away from the center but we made it in the end, only to find ourselves faced by an enormous line to get in, so sadly we had to abandon and just go and meet Tiz and we wouldn’t have enough time. Once we met up with Tiz and exchanged some very tight hugs and “Iv’e missed you so much”es we headed to a vegan cafe we had found which do really big, extravagant (and somehow vegan) milkshakes, however we found it was absolutely bursting when we go there, so that was another plan that had to be abandoned. We then headed to Oxford Street and Regents Street to look at the Christmas lights and displays, and they definitely didn’t disappoint! Everywhere looked absolutely stunning and all the shops were so pretty! By the time we were all done looking around the shops, we decided to head to Winter Wonderland which is a massive Christmas fair, trust us to choose the busiest time to turn up, apparently winter wonderland is buzzing at 7:30 pm because the line was absolutely enormous, so yet again, we abandoned that plan and ended up chatting and laughing our heads off in a Starbucks. We then got the train back to my house and both Tiz and Butt Crack spent the night. Then very sadly Tiz had to head back home on the Sunday morning as she lives so bloody far away!

Although our plans didn’t really work out, we still had the most wonderful time; to be honest i could be doing anything with those two girls and we would still have a great time. I never really realise how much i miss her, but when i was finally able to hug her after not seeing her for like 8 months, oh boy was i close to tears.

The night before all that fun stuff, my friend Ellie was having a get together/very mini house party. Since she has moved to another college, some of her new friends were there as well as Butt Crack and a few people who also used to be at my school and also moved. All of her friends were really lovely. There was alcohol around and some people did end up getting pretty drunk, i personally haven’t ever drunk a lot, but i did have a bit, however the idea of not being in control is pretty scary for me, so iv’e never let myself get super drunk. It was a really fun night, and i managed to find out about whose seeing who and whose ‘talking to’ who, which is always interesting!

In other news, the mental health situation has been pretty odd lately, i have days where i feel like iv’e got everything under control and then i have days where i feel like everything is falling apart. Iv’e lost virtually all motivation but then i also get super worried and i make myself stressed because iv’e got so much to do and yet i just can’t bring myself to do it. Iv’e gotten to the point where i open my eyes in the morning and all i can think is ‘i cannot wait to get back into bed later’, although i’m sure a lot of people can relate to that feeling!

I’m really sorry i haven’t been posting, i promise i will try to post a bit more often, my Christmas holiday is coming up so hopefully i’ll have a bit more time then!

Thank you for reading!

The small quiet one X


Update & ‘brexit’ 

Hi guys! 

I haven’t written a post in ages even though I have so much spare time, I have no idea why but I’m sorry!

My summer so far has been pretty mundane to be honest, just losts of horse riding and met up with friends every now and then, but I’m driving to Spain next week with my mum and my brother is flying out a bit later, I’m so excited to be in the sun! I really like Spain and we’re staying in a little villa style place pretty close to the beach, I don’t think it’s a super touristic area which I think will be nice, since last summer we stayed in a big hotel complex. Despite my crippling fear of fish, I hope I actually go in the sea because I like swimming and I like the beach, I basically am just terrified of fish, oh and I’m not a fan of sea weed either. 

I haven’t really made any comment on the whole ‘brexit’ situation (Britain voting to leave the EU), I personally wanted us to stay; in the wake of recent events- literally everyone in power resigning, and the value of the pound plummeting- I really wish ‘remain’ had won. It’s also very frustrating that this is such a final and important decision, especially because the ‘leave’ campaign used a lot of exaggerations and miss truths to encourage the public to vote for leaving the EU. I’m not really sure why people actually voted leave? This whole leaving the EU thing has already sparked a lot of issues between born and bred British people, and those who have immigrated or are refugees, I’ve seen a lot on social media recently of people saying hateful and rude things to people of other races/nationalities. This kind of thing has really upset me, as my mother moved to England from South America, and although that is not part of the EU, seeing so many people with such negative attitudes towards immigrants is really shocking. 

I hope you guys are all well, and expect a longer and better structured post within the next few days.

Thank you for reading!

The small quiet one X


If only it were easy

Hi guys

*This post may be triggering to some*

I hurt myself today, I haven’t done it in a quite a while, I don’t even know why I did it; nothing particularly bad has happened recently, but I desperately needed to feel something, something to replace the numbness that I have been drowning in. I don’t think I’m always numb, I think I do feel happy when I’m laughing with my friends and my mind is distracted by the random chatter of my friends; that’s why I’m not sure if I’m actually depressed, because I do have moments where I feel better. The problem is when I’m alone, and all I can think about are my flaws, everything I did wrong that day, how much I hate myself. 

The fact that I don’t even know why I do this to myself, terrifys me, my cuts are never particularly deep, and to be honesty, they will probably not leave permanent scars; but I’m still hurting myself on purpose, because I want to. And I just want this all to go away, I want stop feeling this way, and I want to stop feeling so much relief and sick joy from watching little lines on my thigh turn red and watch little bubbles of blood gathering.

I don’t know why I feel like this. I have such a lovely life, I have loving parents, I have a roof over my head and there’s always food in the house; I have been blessed with so many extra luxuries; and so many people arent as lucky as I am. I don’t think my life is the issue, my problem is that I loath myself, I hate that my thighs are so big and that my stomach isn’t flat, I hate that my grades are never as high as I would like them to be, I hate that I’m stubborn, I hate that I’m clingy, I hate that I’m a lot to handle, I hate that I’m so ungrateful for everything that I have. I can feel my friends getting annoyed with me for being so clingy, but I get so insecure so easily and I’m always terrified that they will replace me when someone better comes along, and I’m an idiot because I will never say this to any of them, I will never tell them how I really feel, because I am incapable of talking to people about my feelings. 

I don’t know what to do. I feel so helpless and lost. I want to stop feeling this way but I don’t know how.

Thank you for reading 

The small quiet one X