Who’s who

This page is just going to be a breakdown of people mentioned throughout my posts, this way neither me or you get confused, because i keep forgetting who is who as well.

All names will be changed to protect anonymity.

Butt crack: She is my closest friend, and has been since we were like 6, shes hilarious and i love her to pieces. We have so many amazing memories together, and she comes up in my posts pretty regularly because we’re almost always together.

Tiz: Another one of my super close friends, she moved 5 hours away in 2014, but we still talk all the time and me and Butt crack go and visit her, and she comes to visit us; so the trio is still going strong. Tiz, Butt crack and I have always been super good friends, I’ve known Tiz since i was 4, and when Butt crack joined, we became a little trio, especially throughout secondary school we all became a very solid group.

Hatty: We only became friends in year 10, but shes absolutely hilarious, shes so loud and happy all the time, she gets along with everyone and she has a brilliant personality, I’m so glad i met her.

Fred: He is my main concert companion, we went to see Halsey and Troye Sivan together and will be going to V-Fest together. He’s super funny and a very big personality, sometimes does rather questionable things, but he’s still a lot of fun to be around.

Amy: Another girl who i only really became friends with in year 10, but she is so kind, and incredibly smart, she’s also really funny and i’m so glad she joined our little friendship group.

Nia: Really good friends in year 7 and 8 since we were in the same form group, i also knew her from being part of ‘Girl Guiding’ when we were younger, she asked me out on behalf of Bob. However we had a fall out at the end of year 8, but we sorted it out and we get along really well again.

Bob: We ‘dated’ (if it even counts as dating) in year 8, we’re in the same form group and he’s really funny and caring.

Millie: We went to primary school together and got put in the same form group in secondary school, so we became much closer. She’s the most kindhearted person i have ever met, she was also super supportive and helpful when i was dealing with bad depression.

Alex: We met in year 8 and were sat together in lots of lessons due to our surnames being next to each other in the alphabet, we’ve become good friends and he’s really funny. He is also dating Millie (they are such a cute couple!)

Anna: A fellow horse rider who is now in my A-level Geography class, we were together in other lessons in year 8 and 9 so we already know each other relatively well, shes funny and also quite chatty.

Imogen: Shes such a kind and lovely person, i don’t know her that well, but she is really nice to talk to and really easy to get along with.

Belle: My pony, she’s super cute and i love her beyond words. I probably should have given her a less human name, my bad.